Barack Is Back

With Barack back in the White House perhaps a new breath of expectancy will spurn a new wave of creative thinking. Having grown up in the “golden age of music” where everything was original and new with musical frontiers being trampled down… we came to the 2010’s and it definitely seems that it has all run out of steam. Artists and producers appear to have succumbed and and follow the spoon fed regimes and the music of today has just become lift music, supermarket fodder and drolltastic.

Yeah .. a soul lover at heart, I find the likes of Neyo, Usher and the new young pretenders are all sounding the same and I just feel that it is better to hark back to the soulsters of 10 or so years ago like Toni Braxton, Floetry and the like to satisfy the gap that the younger artistes are unable to bridge.

With the new genre of RnB fusing soul and dance music pervading in abundance over the last 3 or 4 years due to Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta innovation we appear to be stuck in a computer generated quagmire of sameness. Calvin Harris, Aviici and others all adding to the lack of originality.

There is no journey any longer where a song would change pace and mood, lead you to the crescendo and then let you down easy The heart of songs have been ripped out and looped and the a song has 4 different genres crammed into one song.

Saying all that new albums are around from old faithfuls like Christine Aguilera, Ne-Yo, Anastasia, Public Enemy, Lemar and Toni Braxton and recent newcomers Wiz Kalifa, and Ryan Leslie all worth lending an ear to as you are sure to hear something that will hit your spot. Some tracks I will feature in my Friday Funktion shows on line at 6pm – 8pm alongside some old favourites with a few eyebrow raisers thrown in.


Keepin’ it real


Larry Jazzz