Music makes the reception, so you need a wedding DJ that can keep the energy all the way up. Narrow down your search with our guide to choosing the perfect DJ for your big day.

Wedding reception entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes, but a DJ is one of the more modern options available that has become an increasingly popular choice over live music. That said, not all DJs will be suitable for wedding receptions. And the ones that are might not be suitable for your wedding reception. So, let’s break down how to narrow down your wedding DJ options to one—plus, get into the top questions you should be asking. Consider this your wedding DJ checklist.

Typically, couples choose between DJs or live entertainment like a band. Here are some benefits of a wedding DJ:

  1. It’s cost effective. Compared to a live band (or other live entertainment), DJs typically boast lower rates. This isn’t always true, but generally speaking, DJs require lower entertainment budget. Bands require more manpower and potentially more travel costs because of their equipment.
  2. Hear your favourite music, the way you remember it. Your first dance is a special moment to be cherished forever. So, if you chose Elton John’s “The Way You Look Tonight” as your first dance song because it conjures a specific romantic moment for you, it’s nice to know it will sound the same way as the time you fell in love with it and every time you hear it played in the future it will be the same version.
  3. DJs can read the crowd. All performers should have some ability to read the room, but DJs have the unique ability to be able to shift musical direction with just a few key mixing elements from a set lineup.