1.       Start your search early.

While choosing your wedding DJ doesn’t have to be the very first thing on your wedding checklist, it shouldn’t be one of the last either. Once you choose your wedding venue, make wedding entertainment your next focus. Like venues, sought-after DJs book up quickly. So, don’t hesitate to start your search, especially if your top choices are popular in your area.

2.       Consider your style.

Not all DJs are meant to be wedding DJs—it’s a broad title. Wedding DJs are specific experts in how receptions flow and how to choose music that suits many demographics. Be sure to immediately cross off any DJs without wedding-specific experience (unless you’re having an unconventional reception or if you’re asking a friend to DJ, of course).

A wedding DJ can still mean a lot of different things. So, it’s important to keep your style and wedding vision top of mind. If you’re more old school and a fan of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, for example, pursue a DJ who specializes in music from those decades. If you’re more into rap or pop or other more modern genres, you want to find a DJ who’s well-versed on the top of the charts.

3.       Ask around for recommendations.

The easiest way to narrow down any vendor search: word of mouth recommendations. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, or whoever if they hired a DJ they loved. Even if they’re not engaged or married, they may have recently attended a wedding with a DJ that really wowed.

Of course, you can also always trust the Internet to help you start your search, too. We recommend starting with a vendor search from a reputable wedding source. You can read vetted reviews from real couples, find out what services each DJ specifically offers, and more. It’s an easy way to taper your search to at least a handful of options.

4.       Get everything in writing.

Before you solidify your wedding DJ, be sure to hammer out all of these details in writing. Be sure to include any notes on special requests, including certain song recommendations, exact start and end times, who will actually DJ day of, etc.

Once you choose your DJ, you’ll likely be tasked with coming up with a list of must-hear songs, another list of absolutely-do-not-play songs, and a list of nice-to-hear-but-not-necessary songs. After that, your DJ will take it from there.

You’re now ready to hire the wedding DJ that’s going to help create the best wedding for you.